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About jiggr

Jiggr is a Data Intelligence platform that helps salespeople and marketers move forward through real-time company data.

Much more than just a collection of data. Our unique algorithm and the enormous quantity of data we gather from numerous sources mean that our numbers give you valuable insights. These insights could make a difference in your business decisions.

The power of numbers

The more data
the better!

The more data we feed into our advanced models, the more reliable the outcomes and the more accurate the predictions.

+30M companies in our database

We are proud that there are now more than 30 million companies in our database from more than 400 sources!

Make big decisions

With our data you can build on and feel confident about using to inform your big decisions. Build lists of ideal accounts for any marketing campaign.

Data enrichment

Once you’re doing business with a company, it’s useful if the data from your customer database is aligned with ours, so you’re sure that you are always up to date with the current state of affairs. No problem.


Have you already been working with a company for a long time? Then you’ll also want to know the state of the company today. That’s why we continue to monitor all companies, so that you always have the latest news.

When there are any changes, management or number of employees or any other trigger you have chosen, you will automatically receive a message in your inbox. You’ll always be up to date!

User experience

At jiggr we look beyond the daily business, we care about your goals and the people who work on it.  We love Sales, Marketing, and Operations Teams and our job is to transform tedious account research into a thing of the past.

Access the right company information in real time, directly in the tools you use daily. That’s genuine profit, right?

Who are the data lovers?

Our mission is to make sales & marketing better at their jobs.
We feel this is best done by providing high-quality data, when and where they need it to be successful.

Ready to see what we’re building?

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